We offer one of the biggest Miele service center in the UAE, and we specialize in fixing appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. Our qualified trained technicians are committed to providing rapid, high-quality work and client appreciation.

There is no need to search more if you want to pick the greatest one. Call our Miele home appliance repair center in Dubai for high-quality repairs. You will receive the best repair service in the UAE from our Miele Service Center representatives in Dubai.

Services We Offer in Our Miele Service Center


When you purchase a Miele appliance, you opt for quality and endurance. But if your home appliance troubles you and you do need assistance, our Miele Service Center representatives in Dubai can offer prompt and dependable support. Our Miele home appliance repair professionals and carefully chosen service partners have offices across the UAE and can reach your home in a matter of minutes.

Delivery and Installation:

You are selecting well when you choose a Miele product. We provide a single source for both delivery and installation of our home appliances all over Dubai. Have you placed a Miele product order already? Worry not for we are here to solve your home appliance delivery and installation issues.

Benefits of Our Delivery:

  • From Saturday through Thursday, we will deliver your household appliances at the time you have requested and any place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Your Miele products will be delivered to the installation location by our skilled staff.
  • We will then install the appliances, remove all the packaging materials, and unwrap the products for you so that you can start using your new Miele home appliances straight away. Only old Miele appliances will be disposed of.

Accessories and Spare Parts:

On the occasion that your home appliances need repair work, a Miele service center expert or an authorized service dealer will use original Miele spare parts to guarantee the proper operation of your appliance. We provide a variety of authentic Miele accessories throughout the UAE to assist you to operate our products more easily and to increase the application options.

Commonly Occurring Problems

Some of the most commonly occurring issues that you might require our following services include:

  • Miele washing machine issues include the drum not rotating, a broken door lock, jammed drainage, spinning issues, water leakage, noise complaints, voltage issues, and a panel malfunction.
  • Lack of sufficient cooling, ice development, lack of power, and compressor noise in a Miele refrigerator
  • Bad odor, no steaming, no water intake, Miele dishwasher Unusable soap liquid/tablet chamber; utensils have white scuffs.
  • Drying issues, display issues, a non-rotating drum, loudness, and excessive vibration with a Miele washer and dryer
  • Inadequate cooling, ice buildup, lack of power, compressor noise in Miele Freezer

Why Choose Us?

I M Electronic Repair Home Appliance Repair has offered a full range of maintenance options to Dubai’s expanding residential and commercial communities. We have years of experience and many satisfied customers behind our flawless home appliance repair in Dubai.

In addition, we offer repair services for washing machines, dishwashers, washers and dryers, cooking ranges, freezers & refrigerators, and washing machines. Give us a call and we can fix your washing machine, washer-dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, or cooking range. Therefore, going forward, whenever you search for home appliance repair services nearby in Dubai, our appliance repair professionals in Dubai would be happy to assist you as needed.

What Makes Us Unique?

Outstanding Service:

Utilizing client surveys, we periodically evaluate the effectiveness of our customer service. We are constantly seeking out chances to add value, boost efficiency, and forge better relationships according to our guiding values.

Close Proximity:

Your appliance will be fixed as soon as possible thanks to our vast network of factory-trained and independent service specialists.

Optimum Gear in our Service Vehicles:

In addition to having the necessary skills, our Miele Service Center specialists are armed with the proper equipment and spare parts to guarantee that your appliance will be fixed the first time.

Do you want to Schedule a Service Call?

Domestic life depends heavily on home appliances, which have traditionally had an important place in society. The importance of devices increases as we work more to make our lives pleasant and comfortable. We also think that everyone should have a go-to repair shop for such circumstances, however, it may occasionally be very hard to locate a shop you can rely on for all of your appliance care and maintenance requirements. We provide hassle-free repair for all of your household appliances since we recognize how important it is.

Are your home appliances troubling? Do you want a repair service? Are you looking for a Miele Service Center? We will gladly accept your repair order over the phone or online anywhere in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Just try us out!


Do you provide Miele Washing Machine Repair in Dubai?

Yes, we do! Use our home appliance repair service center in Dubai to fix your Miele washing machine since our service technicians are committed to delivering prompt, high-quality service and client happiness. We provide the best repair service in Dubai.

Do you provide Miele TV Repair Services in Abu Dhabi?

Miele service center to fix your LED and TV because we offer efficient, effective service that prioritizes customer pleasure. The best services in the UAE will be provided by Miele Service Center Dubai.
What services are offered by the Miele service center?

Service center for Miele to fix the following issues:

  • Dryer and washer repair
  • Repairing a washing machine
  • Repairing a cooking range
  • Repairing a refrigerator fridge
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