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Common Dryer Problems

Having a dryer at home is very helpful when it comes to doing your clothes. Fresh laundry air drying is a daily housekeeping activity that not only requires time and effort but also is difficult due to space and weather restrictions. Yet, all these benefits could be lost overnight if your dryer becomes faulty. Here we have listed 6 of the most crucial problems that can arise in your dryer which may need repairing:

Drying Not Turning On

Most people use dryers regularly, loading their clothing in them and turning them on. Contact dryer repair professionals as soon as possible in this circumstance. When these technicians show up, they will check a variety of things to identify the root of this issue. When a situation like this arises, an expert in appliance repair will examine the dryer’s circuit breaker first. This breaker will promptly turn off if it has been tripped by a power surge. Other problems that could cause a dryer to not turn on include things like a malfunctioning dryer door switch or a broken power cord.

Excessive Noise

You should contact a technician to look at your dryer if you start to hear squeaking, humming, or pounding noises coming from it. Broken glides may be the cause of the dryer’s thudding sounds. Glides are often little plastic particles found near the drum’s front of dryers. These glides will eventually wear out and break, which causes difficulties with excessive noise. When attempting to isolate the source of this noise, an appliances repair expert will also examine the blower wheel and drum support roller of a dryer. An appliance expert can quickly replace one of these parts if it is broken.

Wrinkled Clothes

The majority of individuals will usually put wrinkled clothing in the dryer as soon as they see it. The wrinkles are often removed by the dryer’s heat and tumble motion. There is a problem that needs to be resolved when wrinkles are still visible after a load of clothing has been drying for some time. In some cases, shoving too many clothes in at once will result in this issue. Altering your washer and dryer’s settings may also be a good idea. If you try these solutions and the issue still exists, you should get the dryer fixed.

Tumbling Issue With The Dryer

Your home’s dryer is built to quickly heat up and tumble clothes. You need to take immediate action when the dryer stops spinning to avoid delays with your daily chores. A dryer may stop turning due to a broken belt. It will be hard to get clothing dry and wrinkle-free if the belt is not turning the drum. You will need the services of a dryer repairing company to replace a dryer belt due to the complexity of the task. In some serious instances, a seized motor or other damaged support components will be the source of this issue.

Dryer Not Producing Enough Heat

Lack of heat is a major problem if your dryer sounds like it is spinning clothes, but they still come out wet. The thermal fuse is typically checked by a professional when they are called to service a dryer that isn’t heating up. This fuse is intended to prevent overheating in your dryer. It frequently prevents a dryer from heating up at all when it malfunctions. This problem may also be triggered by the temperature switch on your dryer’s control panel. The key to minimizing the harm these issues inflict is seeking professional help as soon as warning symptoms appear.

Overheating Of The Dryer

A dryer that begins to overheat may cause your garments to become ruined or even spark minor fires. One of the potential root causes of this overheating problem is a defective thermostat. You and your family will be in danger if you put off calling a specialist to address this issue. This is why it’s vital to promptly locate a dependable dryer repair service in UAE.

Tips to Check Your Dryer Before Repairing

Check for the following before you call a technician for help:
  • Check the plug to see if it is connected correctly.
  • Inspect and replace any blown fuses.
  • Clean the lint trap thoroughly.
  • Verify the temperature sensor’s functionality.
  • Make sure there are no metallic objects, such as coins or cell phones, within the dryer if it is making noise.
  • If your dryer experiences a balancing issue, level it up.
  • Make sure there aren’t too many items in your dryer, as this could lead to a problem.
  • Examine the exhaust vent and dryer hose.
  • Periodically check the thermal fuse because it can be the source of a heating issue.

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